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Nov 6

A Great Curb Appeal Video! From our Fit to Sell Series!

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Nov 5

Home Selling Tips # 12

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 Tip # 12  Remove all traces of you from your home. If you have ever toured someone else's home, you may have felt uncomfortable. You probably felt that way because you saw, heard or otherwise sensed something that made you feel like you were intruding into someone's life. The last... [ more ]
Nov 1

Home Selling Tips #11

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 Tip # 12  Fix everything no matter how insignificant it may appear. The step that squeaks, the light switch that doesn't work, the crack in the drywall —they might be minor irritations to you, but they can also be deal-killers. The problem here is that you never know what will... [ more ]
Oct 31

Home Selling Tips # 10

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 Tip # 10  - Rely on other people's judgement as well as your own. The key to effective marketing is knowing your product's good and bad points. In the case of your home, accentuating the good can mean a faster sale for more money; failing to deal with the bad can mean months on the... [ more ]
Oct 30

Home Selling Tips #9

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 Tip # 9  - Maximize your home's sales potential. Each year, corporate North America spends billions of dollars on product and packaging design. The lesson here is that appearance is critical—and it would be foolish to ignore this when selling your home. You may not be able to... [ more ]
Oct 29

Home Selling Tips #8

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 Tip # 8  Give yourself room to negotiate. It is important to make sure you leave yourself enough room in which to bargain. If what you ask for is unacceptable to the buyer, and their first offer is unacceptable to you, then you had better make sure you have some negotiating room.... [ more ]
Oct 28

Home Selling Tips # 7

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 Tip #7  Find a good Sales Consultant   Almost two-thirds of the people who try to sell their own homes say they wouldn't do it themselves again, according to research by the National Association of REALTORS. People surveyed found that there were difficulties in determining a... [ more ]
Oct 25

Home Selling Tips #6

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Tip # 6    Your tax assessment means almost nothing. In some cases people look to their tax assessments to assist them in determining a value. There are a number of things wrong with this approach, for example assessments are based on criteria unrelated to property values, so they... [ more ]
Oct 24

Home Selling Tips # 5

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 Tip # 5  Know when to get an appraisal. You may find that sometimes you can use a good appraisal to benefit you in the marketing of your home or property. And if you get a certified appraisal, you can use it to let potential purchasers know what amount can be financed. However, you... [ more ]
Oct 23

Home Selling Tips #4

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 Tip #4 Go home shopping yourself. One of the most informative ways to get to know your competition is by viewing other homes on the market and trying to identify features that are popular and to discover what turns buyers off. Plan on spending a couple of weekends touring other homes... [ more ]
Oct 21

Home Selling Tips #3

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Tip #3  Do your homework before setting price. Deciding what price your property should be listed at should take careful consideration. Once you have set your price, you have told prospective purchasers the absolute maximum they may have to pay for your property. The objective for the sales... [ more ]
Oct 20

Home Selling Tips #2

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  Tip #2 Once you know, keep it to yourself. Your reasons for selling will influence the way in which you negotiate the sale of your home, but they shouldn't be given as ammunition to the person who may be a potential purchaser. For example, a prospective buyer who perceives that... [ more ]
Oct 19

Funniest Salesman Ever!

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You Really have to Watch this Guy! Kenny Brooks, Click Here   [ more ]
Oct 19

Home Selling Tips

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#1.  Know why you're selling. The reason you look closely at why you want to sell is because your motivations play an important part in the process. They influence everything from setting a price to determining how much time and money you'll invest in getting your property ready for sale.... [ more ]
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