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Dec 9

Heating Alert for NEW HOMES especially!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1244)
 NEW HOME "Heating Alert", construction dust may have your furnace filters plugged tight, I recently saw a filter be removed that was shaped like a bowl. It was coated in construction airborne debris and the fan could hardly push any air at all through it. This resulted in the... [ more ]
Dec 6

Home Selling Tip # 21

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 Tip # 21  Don’t sign a deal on your next home until you close the deal on your current Home, unless it's conditional! If at all possible you should avoid finalizing a deal on your new home before your present home is sold. The reason for this is that you (in the eyes of the... [ more ]
Dec 2

Home Selling Tip # 20

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Tip # 20  Find out when the buyer would like to close. When a buyer would 'like' to close is often when they 'need' to close. Knowing this gives you his deadline for completing negotiations —again, an advantage in negotiations. [ more ]
Nov 29

Home Selling Tip # 19

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Tip # 19  Know your buyer.   In the negotiation process, your objective is to control the pace and set the duration. And the more you get to know about your buyer, the more easily you can maintain control. As a rule, buyers want the best property they can afford for the least amount... [ more ]
Nov 28

Nomad Micro Homes

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1317)  ::  (1 comments)
 Check out this Fantastic Opportunity! Nomad Micro Homes, starting at $25,000, well a 10' X 10' Home may not be for everyone! [ more ]
Nov 28

Why Buy a New House?

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1223)
Why Buy a New House? 2)  The truth is that new homes are better built, better designed, and use better materials, products and systems than ever before.   [ more ]
Nov 27

Home Selling Tip # 18

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1401)
Tip # 18  Don’t get emotional during negotiations. The limit of most people’s experience in the art of negotiation begins and ends at their local auto dealership. And we all have unpleasant memories of haggling with car salesmen. It is important that you let go of the emotional... [ more ]
Nov 26

The 10 Top Items that Today's Buyers are looking for in a Home!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1189)
In no particular order, here are the Top Ten things that Buyers are looking for: Quality of Neighborhood, Convenience to Job, Overall Affordability of Homes, Quality of Schools, Homes that would fit their Lifestyles for the next 15 years, Obtainable Mortgage, Energy Efficiency, Open Floor... [ more ]
Nov 25

Home Selling Tip # 17

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Tip # 17 The more prospects, the better. Marketing strategies specifically designed for a targeted Buyer Group can maximize your home’s marketability, and this will increase your chances of attracting more than one prospective buyer. Why is this better? Because several buyers... [ more ]
Nov 23

Fit to Sell, The Main Selling Rooms Video

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1104)
Fit to Sell, The Main Selling Rooms Video: [ more ]
Nov 21

Home Selling Tip # 16

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1218)
 Tip # 16   Disclose everything. Smart sellers proactively go above and beyond the laws to disclose all known defects to their buyers —in writing. If the buyer knows about a problem, he or she can’t come back with a lawsuit later on. [ more ]
Nov 19

Home Selling Tip # 15

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (687)
Tip # 15   Don’t let a smell be your downfall. Odd smells kill deals quickly. All traces of food, pet and smoking odours must be eliminated. Even when you’re not there, don’t encourage prospective buyers to imagine things. If they know you’re a smoker or... [ more ]
Nov 18

Rider Nation News

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (631)
Well, here is the Official Notice of the 2013 Green Cup Day/Event in Regina   on November 24, 2013 [ more ]
Nov 12

Home Selling Tip #14

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (654)
 Tip # 14 The little touches can make a difference. While personal items can detract, other small touches can help make your house a home to buyers. A well-placed vase of flowers, accent pieces of sculpture, potpourri in the bathroom — all can enhance the attractiveness of your... [ more ]
Nov 7

CMHC Fall Saskatoon Housing Forcast

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (608)
I don't always agree with the CMHC Forcasts, but they do sometimes help balance all the information sources, Please take a look! [ more ]
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