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Jan 1

Mortgage Rule Changes

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1244)
Federal Government Gone Mad? With Campaign promises of increased deficit spending to create infrastructure employment opportunities, one really has to wonder where our Government is going with its attack on Housing for Canadians, especially first time Home Buyers. The first move was to add a... [ more ]
Apr 10

Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1582)
Saskatoon. April 10th, 2014 & it does feel like Spring is finally here!   In the first quarter of 2014, 1,240 MLS® transactions occurred in the Saskatoon and region marketplace for a volume of $423M, up 16% year over year. Listing activity is also up 19% over last year with... [ more ]
Apr 10

Home Ownership is a Good Investment

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (2744)
Here is a Great Article: Young Canadians view home ownership as good investment: RBC poll People walk past new homes that are for sale in Oakville, Ont., on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. (Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS) re on emaThe Canadian Press  ... [ more ]
Mar 7

February Saskatoon Real Estate Sales Numbers $ale Price Average

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1498)
Saskatoon Real Estate Report FEBRUARY 2014 TOTAL # of SALES 2014                          393 Much better than Average!! 2013                          365 2012... [ more ]
Mar 5

Saskatoon Real Estate Market Report

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1598)
Saskatoon. March 05, 2014. Active listings in the Saskatoon market reached 1,363 units at the end of February compared with 1,098 at this time in 2013. Inventory continued to climb in spite of a 14% increase in sales year over year. In February, there were 300 unit sales which is just slightly... [ more ]
Feb 12

Watch for this Sign!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1486)
I have been frustrated with doing Open Houses at Condos and not having Open House Sign exposure, so I made my own Car Top Open House Sign (as attached) I made Foam feet(out of foam Pipe Wrap insulation) and stapled them on, then drilled 4 holes in the lower part of sign, threaded 3/16 cord... [ more ]
Dec 31

Home Selling Tip # 25

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1444)
 Tip # 25  Don’t take a lowball offer seriously. Any unacceptably low offer should not be taken personally or seriously. Rather, it should be countered, even with the slightest of reductions in your asking price. This lets a buyer know that his or her first offer isn’t seen... [ more ]
Dec 20

A Great Resource!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1463)
 This is a Great Resource, especially for First Time Home Buyers! CMHC's Home Buyers Guide, find it here at: [ more ]
Dec 19

Home Selling Tip #24

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (4565)
 Selling Tip #24   Make sure the contract is complete. The best way to avoid problems is to make sure that all terms, costs and responsibilities and conditions are spelled out in the Agreement of Purchase/Sale. A contract should include the date it was made, the names of the... [ more ]
Dec 17

Home Selling Tip #23

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1672)
 Home Selling Tip # 23   Don’t take a low offer personally. The first offer is almost always well below what both parties know the buyer will end up paying for your property. Don’t get angry or feel insulted; evaluate the offer objectively. Make sure it spells out the... [ more ]
Dec 14

Fit To Sell, More Video Tips!!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1442)
Another Great Video on Getting your Home Ready to Sell! [ more ]
Dec 14

Open House

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1445)
Open House Today and Tomorrow at 202-710 Hart Road, adjacent to Fabulous Blairmore Shopping Area and of course next door to The Shaw Centre. Drop by and take a look, 2-4pm both days or call Wayne for a Private Viewing at 306-380-SOLD(8653) [ more ]
Dec 13

Fit to Sell Series Video!

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1407)
Deal Makers For Home Buyers: [ more ]
Dec 13

Continue to Rent or Buy?

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1558)
Continue to Rent or Buy?? Saskatoon's Apartment Rental Market Vacancy rate is now at 2.7%, compared to 2.6% 1 yr ago. The average 2 bdrm rental will cost $1041 per mth, up 4% over last year from $1002 per mth. That is the same monthly cost as a Mortgage payment on a $215,000 mortgage financed... [ more ]
Dec 12

Home Selling Tip #22

Blog posted by Wayne Grier  ::  Views (1404)
 Tip  # 22  Sell before you move out. Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home that is vacant —it looks forlorn, forgotten, simply not appealing. It could even cost you thousands. If you move, you’re also telling buyers that you have a new home and... [ more ]
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